1. Admission form can be obtained either from the school office or from the school website on Payment.
2. On receiving the application Form, the school office will intimate you about an entrance test/ interview which the
candidate has to take. (The Application Form should be submitted within one week along with the following
1. Attested copy of birth certificate (Application form should be filled in as per the birth certificateonly).
2. Two stamp size colour photographs.
3. Certificate of marks obtained in the last exam (For classes II & above).
4. Transfer certificate (To be submitted within one week of admission).
5. Migration certificate (Applicable for only plus one students and interstate admissions).
6. Copy of Aadhar Card.
3. Admission will be granted after the entrance exam and interview with the child. One of the parents must be    present with the child at the time of the Interview.
4. The child must have completed three years of age at the time of application to L. K. G. and five years for admission to Class 1. The child should have had the full course of Triple Antigen and Polio Vaccine before joining the school.
5. The required fees should be remitted to the office within the date specified at the time of the interview.
6. Even when admission is made in the course of the year, fees for the complete term should be paid. Application  must be made by the parent or local guardian.
7. The decision of the Principal will be final in matters regarding admission. The Principal also reserves the right  of refusing continued study of any student whose conduct is found not satisfactory or who is not benefited by his stay and study in this school.


1. Irregular attendance, non-payment of fees, habitual disobedience and conduct of injurious activities to the moral tone of the school, justify dismissal at any time of the year.
2. Malpractice in exmination is a grave offence. If found guilty, the following rules shall be applied. For classes IVIII,
the student shall be awarded zero marks for all the papers for the first time. If repeated, it shall lead to either
detention or dismissal. For classes IX-XII, malpractice of any kind in examination, may result in suspension/debar/
dismissal, according to the gravity of the offence.
3. If any correction is done on the report card by the student, he/she shall be awarded zero marks in all subjects.
4. If caught with a Mobile, CD or Pendrive with unethical material, will call for suspension/dismissal according to
the gravity of the offence.
5. Any misbehaviour of a serious nature that has become public is liabile to bring about suspension or dismissal even
if it has taken place outside the school premises.
6. Any student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue in the school.