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School Uniform

1. The management and the staff decide the uniform.

2. It is compulsory for every student to wear school uniform on all days. Colour dress can be worn only on the days of B’day or with the prior permission from the Principal.

3. Students must compulsorily wear school uniform while attending any function or ceremonies associated with the school, inside and outside the school.

4. Exemption from wearing the school uniform can be made only by the principal on written request from the parents.

5. For boys and girls, shirts must be worn tucked in.

6. Students must wear neat and clean uniform, with short and smart hair cut (boys), neatly combed hair (girls) and also must keep teeth, finger nails and hands clean.

7. Skin-fit and low – waist pants are not allowed in school campus for any reason. Parents of defaulters will be called to school on the same day. We expect your cooperation.

8. Students are not allowed to wear any gold or costly ornaments in the school. They may wear a pair of small ear studs, but hangings are discouraged.

9. Long artificial ear rings, wrist full of bangles, chains, anklets and nail polish are not allowed.

10. Students should also wear, school ID, School belt, Shoes and socks daily.

11. Girls from KG to X must wear black tights

(Note :1. Muslim girls should wear black headgear. 2. During monsoon only black Sandal will be allowed as a part of the uniform.)