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The Sacred Heart Public School was founded by the Society of the Oblates of the Sacred Heart (O. S. H.) as a memorial of the platinum jubilee of the Society in 1996.

The Kindergarten Section of the school was given a separate identity in 2000 and named Mar Choolaparambil Memorial Kindergarten (M C M) in memory of the late Bishop Alexander Choolaparambil who founded the Society in 1921.

The Sacred Heart Public School was upgraded to Senior Secondary level in 2004.

The Schools are located at S. H. Mount, a hill top resort near M. C. Road, just on the outskirts of Kottayam Town, enjoying the facilities of the town but away from its din and dirt. The atmosphere is always calm, serene and well suited for intellectual pursuit.


Our aim is, a feel - free system of education which is liberal and comprehensive to both boys and girls. We intend to draw out the innate capabilities and talents of the children and develop them so as to bring them to a standard worthy of our intellectual, physical and spiritual heritage. We also give due importance to the moral education of the children and inculcate in them a strong civic sense.


In loyalty to its Christian Mission, S. H. School Stands for

  • the inculcation of respect for the country, religion and democratic way of life
  • the belief that a man justifies himself and hisexistence by the nobility of his work.
  • the commitment to be a light that leads men towards the true source of all knowledge and life.


S. H. Public School envisions itself as

  • A community of scholars
  • enlivened by Christian inspiration
  • engaged in the pursuit of true values in life
  • serving human society through community service
  • able to communicate effectively with people from other nations and to participate in globalization.


S.H. Public School focuses on the intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual development of its students. The school caters to the educational needs of the students from LKG to XII.

  • The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Composite Affiliation was granted with Code No.930318.
  • The medium of instruction is English and students are encouraged and guided to converse in English. Hindi and Malayalam are taught in conformity with the three language formula.
  • The school at present is a full-fledged Senior Secondary School with L. K. G., U. K. G. and Classes I to XII.
  • The school works on a continuous assessment system, the promotion being decided on the over all performance of the child during the Academic year. The main tests are the Class Tests, 4 Formative Assessments, 2 Summative Assessments, the quizzes & the project works the pupils have to do and other assessments conducted.
  • No re-examination will be possible for absence from any test or examination. Absence may be condoned and taken into consideration at the time of deciding the result if a medical certificate from the doctor is produced soon after the period of absence.
  • The marks obtained for the Vacation / Class Projects and Quizzes will be integrated with the marks of the subsequent assessment.
  • Our academic aim is to train the child to come out creditably in the All India Secondary School (AISS) and All India Senior Secondary Certificate (AISSC) Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Delhi.
  • Facility for Counselling & Guidance is provided to students by a professionally qualified person.
  • The Academic Year is from June to March. Details of Instruction period and holidays are given in the school calendar attached to this diary.